Exclusive photos from the new necrophilic horror eROTik 2: The Afterlife – “A Dive into Human Decay”

We are pleased to present some exclusive photos from “eROTik 2: The Afterlife,” a sequel/remake of Domiziano Cristopharo’s “Tetromaniac: eROTik.” Directed by Slade Wilson, known for “XXX Darknet: Red Lips” and “Phallacies,” the film explores the protagonist’s dream world, inspired by Dahmer’s crimes.

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NAQB merch Special effects are handled by Kevin Capurro, while the cast includes Ehmet Karthal, William Connor, and Angela Del Regno, famous for “Confessions of a Necrophile.” The production assures that “it will be a true dive into human decay.”

Here are some exclusive photos from the film set that capture the dark and disturbing essence of “eROTik 2: The Afterlife”:

Stay tuned for more updates and insights on this highly anticipated sequel.