We exclusively present the first images and the poster of the new anthological film 6 Songs

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The horror anthology film “6 Songs” is currently in production, a project in which the acclaimed independent Italian director Domiziano Cristopharo (known for films like “Red Krokodil” and “Nightmare Symphony”) plays a crucial role. Despite Cristopharo having announced his retirement from the indie scene, he has surprised everyone with this new collective project that offers a rather original idea in the increasingly repetitive landscape of the horror genre.

“6 Songs” stands out for its episodic narrative and unique approach to horror: the core of each episode is a song, which plays a key role in creating an intense and particular atmosphere. This film explores the power of music in influencing the narrative and emotionally engaging the audience. Each director involved in the project brings their personal interpretation to this intriguing theme.

The lineup of directors includes well-known names such as Corey DeAn Cowley, Joseph Russio, Irene Jones Baruffetti, Slade Wilson, and Pete Lankston, each bringing their unique vision to this anthology. Cristopharo’s participation, who has already made his mark in other anthology films like “A Taste of Phobia” and “Vore Gore”, adds further appeal to the project.

In this article, we exclusively propose the new poster of the film and some images from the set. In one, we see “The Snow Witch” from the segment by Cory DeAn Cowley who has established herself over the years on Instagram thanks to her extreme make-up and her over 70,000 followers, as a queen/influencer of horror. Reminiscent of the style of Lucio Fulci, the priest in the segment animated by Pete Lankston, who will unleash hell on earth and in music! The last image comes from the segment by Slade Wilson, “Sirens”, which is inspired by the concept of the siren’s song. As far as we know, Domiziano Cristopharo and Irene Jones Baruffetti are about to start filming their segments.

6 songs - Poster
6 songs – Poster