Domiziano Cristopharo and Jon Devlin Present PHALLACIES – The Movie: A Rebellious Exploration of Artistic Nudity

In Europe, there is a certain Domiziano Cristopharo, while in the United States, there is Jon Devlin… but what do they have in common? Well, in their respective geographical areas, both have been nicknamed “PENIS GUY” due to their natural inclination to use nudity as an artistic expression. Their confrontation/meeting was inevitable and has generated PHALLACIES – The Movie.

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Art and cinema have always been not only forms of entertainment but also a social mirror for messages and revolutions. Today, censorship has been abolished, only to make way for a troubling sense of moralism that is shaping minds towards self-castration to survive: Amazon and Barnes & Noble have started banning the sale of artistic nude books, video platform censorship has affected Vimeo following YouTube, and (even more crazily and frighteningly) there are factories that refuse to print magazines or Blu-rays with explicit content. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS?

Not only is freedom of expression in general at risk, but the end of all independent artists and small labels that do not want to follow mainstream policies is being decreed. With the bans imposed by Facebook and Twitter, even just talking about Horror makes posts drop in the feed, rendering them invisible.

PHALLACIES – The Movie is not just a film: it is a collective of rebellious artists who put not only their soul into what they do… but also their body, now more than ever (and it is SIGNIFICANT that the directors also ACT in their segments). Eleven short films ranging from extreme to gore, from animation to bizarre comedy and disturbing drama: the theme?

The penis. No censorship, no moralism: PHALLACIES is the first DICKSPLOITATION film ever made.

Why this theme? The connection that bigoted and self-righteous European audiences make between nudity and eroticism has its roots in a millennia-long process that began in the West with the rise of the Catholic Church, an institution for which sexuality had to be experienced only according to certain behavioral norms and dealt with only within the context of marriage for procreative purposes. It will be difficult to show photos, clips, or trailers of the film on social media… so follow the project on the website, which also has a fun XXX section.

The film is in post-production, but you can support it by spreading the word, making a donation via PayPal, pre-ordering the film, and even unlocking the XXX galleries (and yes, there is also an OnlyHorrorFans page) by becoming associate producers!


  • Jon Devlin (Erecting a Monster)
  • Domiziano Cristopharo (Red Krokodil)
  • Poison Rouge (American Guinea Pig: Sacrifice)
  • Jack Mulvanerty (Scarlet Piss Princess)
  • Cory DeAn Cowley (Trypophobic Possession)
  • Slade Wilson (eROTik 2)
  • Pete Lankston (King James Bible)
  • David Stojan (Slave Dolls)
  • Brock Bones (Symbolicus 3)
  • Jake Valentine (Extreme Vile & Raw)
  • Adam Ford (Torment)

For more information and to support the project, visit the official website: